Scanning and Indexing Services

Flexible, cost-effective options for building your document databases.

Setting up an intuitive, well-structured database is the foundation of making a good case. Novitas has tremendous expertise helping clients manage and organize documents. Our project managers have over sixty years’ combined experience; we’ve seen it all, and can help you navigate around potential pratfalls. We work closely with your litigation team to define the parameters of the project, recommend the most cost-effective approach to setting up your database(s) and keep you constantly in the loop as the project progresses to make sure everything stays on track. Quality control specialists are engaged throughout the process to ensure your team has the best data to work with. Our proprietary “Code from Image” software was developed to allow case-specific document coding versatility without sacrificing accuracy.

Scanning Services

Getting paper into digitized format is the first step in setting up a document database. Novitas has the resources to scan immense amounts of paper at competitive prices; we commonly handle engagements with over 1,000,000 hard copy documents.

Backfile Conversion

Many companies are recognizing the tremendous advantages of converting massive paper file collections – sometimes buildings full of documents – into digital files. Savings, in terms of warehouse space costs and file collection fees are significant (one client was spending $250,000 a year to store files); and coded, digitized documents can be retrieved almost instantly.

Novitas has been applying the scanning and coding expertise gained from years of litigation work to backfile conversion projects for a host of corporations, including insurance companies, construction firms, healthcare organizations and government entities. For one insurance client, for example, we’ve captured documents connected with a given policy number, saved them in a PDF file, and assigned the file a name corresponding to the policy number. All the historical documents pertaining to the policy are easily accessible.

Litigation Indexing/Coding & Unitization

Novitas offers a host of document indexing and coding services, and can help you determine which option best suits the matter at hand. For some projects, the savings inherent in global coding make the most sense. Unlike most service bureaus, Novitas operates its own international coding service. Each project is overseen by a Novitas project manager, enabling us to maintain high quality while offering global prices.