Managed Review

Novitas can cost-effectively and quickly assemble attorney review teams to perform: Full, to Production, Review; First and Second Level Review; Quality Control; and, Attorney Project Management. Our review teams are comprised of qualified lawyers who are supported by Novitas' discovery analysts and document specialists. Together, we confirm that every facet of the review process conforms to the overall litigation strategy. Our document review team also includes experienced project managers and technology staff.

The following document review service offerings may be combined with any, or all, of our discovery services:

Full Managed Review

An affordable and production ready product that includes elevated QC, review management, and use of facilities (e.g., reviewer space, amenities, and workstations). Our partner’s statistically validated QC process is designed to identify and correct any errors in a review, offering clients peace of mind that what’s delivered is truly a production ready product. Between 30%-40% total QC is performed, including: batch, search based, and statistical.

Fixed First Pass Managed Review

An extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional billed by the hour first pass document review. For clients who already have a robust second level review process in place, this service offers lower and more predictable costs to enable focus on a more substantive review. The Fixed First Pass Managed Review focuses on "smart batching” to isolate non-responsive documents from review. Performance of both mechanical and privilege QC sets our clients up for an effective internal second level review and final QC process.

Technology Assisted Review

Integrates leading analytics and predictive coding software with various review methodologies (when appropriate to the cost and timeline goals of a review) to deliver a completely optimized and accelerated solution that is accurate, defensible, and more cost effective than traditional review.