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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Novitas Data, LLC believes that transparency is critical in our role as the custodian of your data. To that end, we've provided here our Data Protection and Privacy Policy, in mostly plain english.

Project/Case Data

What We Do

As your data processor, Novitas Data is the custodian of your sensitive project/case data, and takes this role seriously. As such, Novitas Data has implemented appropriate technical, procedural, and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the sensitivity of the types of data we process on your behalf, as well as appropriate to the risks presented by the processing of said data, including protection against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to personal data transmitted, stored or processed under our engagement with you.

Novitas Data employs a hardened infrastructure, supported by a robust and proactive Information Security Program. Customers have access to our procedures for validation of our processes.

Novitas Data does only the processing explicitly specified in your service agreement with us.

Novitas takes all reasonable steps to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to your data. All collected, processed, and/or hosted case data and metadata is considered confidential and only accessible to authorized customer contacts and Novitas Data personnel, unless otherwise required by law..

In the event of any kind of Information Security event, such as a compromise or breach, you will be notified within a timeframe appropriate to the severity of the incident, as laid out in Novitas Data's Data Breach Policy (included in your contract and available on request), and the Information Security Team will immediately undertake investigation and remediation. Any such events will undergo a postmortem review and report. In all cases, Novitas Data will notify the relevant supervisory authority, and any data subject(s), where relevant, of any breaches relating to personal data.

Novitas Data will always cooperate with and assist you in ensuring compliance with your obligations to respond to requests from any data subject(s) seeking to exercise their rights under Chapter III of the GDPR, including by notifying you of any written subject access requests Novitas Data receives relating to your data under Data Protection Regulations.

Upon completion of services, Novitas Data will securely and permanently delete project/case data, except to the extent that Novitas Data is required by law to retain any copies of said data. Copies of project data will be provided to you, the customer, as directed by you, prior to secure and permanent deletion of said data from Novitas Data systems.

What We Don't Do

Novitas Data's business model does not include gathering, sharing, selling or monetizing any data, personal or otherwise. Novitas Data safeguards and processes data on behalf of our customers. It's not our data and we treat it accordingly.

Novitas Data will not do anything that would cause you to be in breach of your obligations under Data Protection Regulations, and will immediately notify you if, in Novitas Data's opinion, any instruction given Novitas Data would fail to meet Data Protection Regulations.

Cookies, Analytics, and Tracking

Novitas Data Website

When you visit our public website, some information such as internet protocol (IP) address, device or browser information is automatically collected about your usage and activity to address technical support issues and understand how you use the website. Novitas Data may use certain tracking technologies such as cookies, or third-party analytics tools to obtain such information. Novitas Data does not use this information for any advertising purposes, nor do we share this information with anyone, ever.

Novitas Data Secure Customer Portal

When you login to our services via your secure customer portal, your internet protocol (IP) address, browser configuration, and session time are logged for security and technical support reasons. A session cookie is set to allow basic functionality, but no tracking or advertising cookies exist on our platform.


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