Expert E-Discovery and Document Management Services - with a Personal Touch.

At Novitas, we care more about long-term client relationships than the size of engagements. Because we’re smaller than some document management companies, we’re able to provide personalized service and tailor our approach to your situational needs. That doesn’t mean you compromise on quality. We have over 20 years of experience working alongside leading law firms, corporations large and small and government agencies. From Relativity® hosting to computer forensics expertise to back office file conversion and indexing, Novitas has the expertise your project demands - with the personal touch you need.

Novitas for Law Firms

Close counsel and responsive service, from discovery planning to trial.

We understand that no two matters are the same, and work closely with your team to chart the most effective and cost-efficient discovery strategy. Novitas offers a full suite of litigation support services, but we never try to upsell you to services your case doesn’t demand…because that’s not how long-term relationships are built.

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Novitas for Enterprise and Government

Taming your information overload for compliance, litigation and streamlined storage.

Novitas can help you bring reason and order to your avalanche of paper and electronic information. We regularly apply our deep experience in discovery management to document management for compliance matters and backfile conversion. And we work closely with in-house counsel to spearhead discovery efforts, both with and without outside counsel.

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Novitas for Channel Partners

Professional, responsive and knowledgeable service to bridge your technology/expertise gaps and create new revenue streams.

Engagements come up that require resources that you may not have in-house. Novitas has the technology and litigation experience to fill those gaps so you can meet client demands. We work seamlessly as your turnkey, backroom partner, managing Relativity® hosting, litigation coding and unitization, e-discovery processing, among other services. We pride ourselves not only on our expertise, but on the attentive service we provide our partners. We strive to make you look good. By working with Novitas, you can expand your capabilities offering with no capital investment, creating satisfied clients.. and new revenue streams.

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We turn massive amounts of raw electronic data into useable information for your case. Hosting with industry standard Relativity®.


State-of-the-art methodology for locating “hidden” evidence on hard drives, smartphones, social media and beyond.

Document Imaging and Indexing

Paper is frequently a significant part of your discovery mix. We cost-effectively load and code case documents into a database that meets your specifications…including Relativity®.

Managed Data Hosting

Novitas has partnered with industry-leading review platform, Relativity, to provide clients with defensible, cost-effective, and comprehensive hosting and review solutions.