Data Forensics

Real World Scenarios

The following use cases reflect real engagements where Novitas forensics expertise have provided value.

Establishing Connective Path in Potential Intellectual Property Theft

An employee of a tech firm left to join a competitor. Rumors were circulating that the employee had taken some intellectual property from his previous firm. Novitas was called in to analyze the ex-employee’s old work computer—web activity, emails, USB saves, hard-drives. A timeline analysis was performed to track location of files and when they were copied and deleted to show a connective path between the employee and the IP in question.

Establishing Prior Knowledge of Bad Behavior Through Social Media Collections

A bar was sued by the family of a victim in a car accident. It was alleged that the driver was noticeably inebriated and that the bar had continued serving him. Novitas was retained by the defendant’s insurance company to determine if family and victim had foreknowledge that the driver was prone to drunkenness. Forensics applications were used to capture Facebook profiles/comments (including those not tagged for public viewing) as well as relevant webmail, Youtube and Twitter postings.

Exploring Smartphone to Find Evidence of Former Employee “Poaching”

Two executives from a company left to form their own entity. Not long after their departure, employees from the company began leaving to join the former executives at their new firm. The principals were suspected of recruiting or “poaching” employees from their old company in breach of the non-compete clause of their termination agreement. Novitas was called into analyze the smartphones of departing executives and employees. Phone records, contacts, texts and ichats could potentially establish contact between principals and employees changing firms.

Using Forensics to Streamline Data Collections

Complex litigations can entail hundreds of gigabytes – if not terabytes – of information. Forensics tools can be used to quickly and cost-effectively harvest this data, and port it into a database – including Relativity® -- for coding, sharing and analysis.

Tracking Web Activity to Index Examples of Copyright Infringement, Defamation, IP Theft

Given that there are over one billion websites in operation – not to mention myriad blogs and social media feeds – it’s a nearly insurmountable task to track information that could impact your company’s reputation or infringe upon intellectual property rights or copyrights. Novitas can deploy forensic tools to constantly crawl the web, capture pages where a company, product or individual are mentioned and upload those pages (in the form of PDF files) to Relativity where these pages can be searched and further analyzed for relevance. One client used this service recently to track negative mentions of the entity in connection with its stance on a governmental initiative.